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" Our mission is to enable your body's innate healing ability to function optimally through the mediums of massage and movement therapies."                   &...


Are you looking for professional massage therapy services? Are you seeking a natural approach to managing chronic pain? Do you feel life stress has compromised your health? We're here to help you. Welcome to Blue Ridge Sports & Therapeutic massage, serving the Greenville area since 1998. We offer a holistic approach to general health and wellness, as well as natural pain management, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement. We take pride in doing clinical massage therapy in a comfortable, non-clinical setting. So, who are we?  

Bob Mancuso, LMT; CSMT; is a South Carolina state licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Sports Massage Therapist.

Ruth McDonough, LMT; Certified Reflexologist, is a South Carolina state licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist.

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Bob & Ruth