Benefits of Massage

Here you are researching massage therapy, and your first question should be, " What can massage therapy do for me?" There are many answers to that question based on your goals and reasons for pursuing massage therapy. But, in general , let's take a look at


  • Reduce Negative Effects of Stress: Let's face it, stress is all around us these days in our fast-paced, always connected world. How we deal with it means the difference between optimal health and chronic pain or disease over time. Stress activates your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) which releases large amounts of the hormone cortisol into your bloodstream, which, if left unchecked, can lead to chronic health issues down the road. Massage therapy activates your para-sympathetic nervous system (relaxation response), which then begins to bring your body back into balance (homeostasis) while shutting down the "cortisol pump."
  • Enhance Workout & Sports Performance: Recovery is the name of the game here, and Sports Massage fits that bill nicely. Your muscles recover during rest, not exercise. Sports Massage increases circulation to your muscles, tendons and ligaments, while decreasing scar tissue and adhesion buildup. The more nutrient rich blood your muscles receive, the faster your recovery will be. Receiving Sports Massage during heavy training allows for faster recovery and greater athletic performance by YOU!
  • Reduce/Eliminate Postural Pain: We live in a flexion addicted society. We sit, all the time. Do you work in front of a computer? Do you drive a car? Do you watch TV? Do you eat? Do you experience chronic pain, tension, stiffness in your neck, upper back, lower back, hips, knees? Massage therapy addresses your postural pain to counteract the dysfunctional postures you have to put your body in throughout the day. Along with corrective exercise, massage therapy can reduce, if not eliminate, your "sitting" pain.
  • Rehabilitate Injuries: We all hate to be injured, but sometimes it happens. Whether it's a sports injury, a vocational injury, or post surgery, massage therapy can help speed up the healing process. As mentioned earlier, soft tissue heals quickest when supplied with optimal blood flow. No matter what your injury, soft tissue strain/sprain will ALWAYS be involved at the injury site. Massage therapy helps your injured tissue heal faster by increasing blood flow, eliminating adhesions, and negating long term scar tissue growth.
  • Achieve Balance with Reflexology: This ancient modality has been flourishing for thousands of years. Utilizing the energy meridians and nervous system of your own body, Reflexology helps your body achieve balance by gently working your soft tissue and organs through the energy meridians and nerve roots that pertain to each area of your body. Your body is constantly monitoring and adapting to maintain or re-establish homeostasis, or balance. Reflexology is a wonderful way to assist your body to do just that. Next time you are feeling "out of sorts', give Reflexology a try!


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