Listed below are the safety measures we have taken to keep all of us safe in the massage therapy environment. Our protective measures are more stringent than the guidelines recommended by Federal, State, and Local governments.

  • Facemasks: Facemasks are required when entering the building, during your massage session, and when leaving the building. The CDC has now shown that wearing a mask protects you from inhaling any respiratory droplets and protects others from yours.
  • Air Purifiers: We have Hepa/Charcoal/ UVC filters in both therapy rooms, running all the time during business hours and for two or more hours after everyone has left the building. The combination of Hepa, Charcoal, and UVC light effectively renders any virus pathogen harmless. A UVC only lamp is located in the restroom as well.
  • UVC Wands: UVC wands emit UVC light that kills or renders viral pathogens harmless. We use these on all touchable surfaces in all our rooms.
  • Hospital grade sanitizer: Super potent, we wipe down all touchable surfaces at the beginning and end of each day, and multiple times in between.
  • Hygiene: As has always been our policy, we wash and scrub our hands before and after every client session. Also, linens are never,ever re-used!

Your safety and our own safety is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.